Collage Staff

Editor in Chief: Rebecca Clippard

Associate Editor: Destiny Seaton

Designer: Grace Hollowell

Associate Designer: Emma Cryar

Assistant Editor: Jake Garrette

Publicists: Anthony Czelusniak & Stacey Yabko Misra

Social Media Managers: Briyana Dyer & Kate Carter

Visual Arts Editor: Katrina Scott

Assistant Visual Arts Editor: Kaylee Schilling

Literature Editor: Hannah Tybor

Assistant Literature Editor: Bae Dedicatoria

Poetry Editors:  Anthony Czelusniak & Heaven Morrow

Nonfiction Editor: Jordyn Starks & Lisa Hardie

Fiction Editors: George Said Boktor & Katelyn McVey

Web Developer: Nibras Khan

Associate Web Developer: Jake Bruce

Art Editor: Moose Williams

Photography Editor: Nathan Wahl

Visual Review Staff: Elizabeth Clippard,  Todarius Morris & Miranda Herrell

Adviser: Marsha Powers

To apply for a position on the Collage staff, please fill in the application and return it to Marsha Powers, Honors College 225. Applications can be downloaded or picked up from the Collage office, Honors 224. Or apply online:

 Applicants do not need to be Honors students, but are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA.