Peer Mentoring Program

Mentoring by students for students

Peer mentoring programs help build community in mid-sized to large universities where a new student may feel a bit lost compared to life at a small college.  Mentors help the new students with scheduling, prepare them for advising sessions with faculty, help them find information on internships and applied projects opportunities, and invite the students to participate in social groups, events and activities.

Mentors in the ORCO peer mentoring program will typically begin communicating with the assigned students several weeks before the new semester begins. They do many different things with the new students, including assisting them considering course schedules, and providing them with information and on-campus resources for achieving academic success. Peer mentors might discuss study skills, or how to succeed in an online class. They can review ORCO major requirements and suggest course progressions based on their own experiences.

Mentors help newer students get involved in activities and groups such as the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators). They introduce the students to other ORCO majors and to faculty members, particularly professors who specialize in the new student's area of interest. They also provide information on volunteer activities relating to Organizational Communication, such as event planning, fund-raising, working for a non-profit or helping out at a community social services organization.

To apply as an ORCO Peer Mentor, simply fill in the “mentor application” and email to Dr. Janet McCormick (   You will participate in a brief online training course and then be given the name and email of your mentee to initiate the relationship.

If you want credit for serving as an ORCO Peer Mentor, you will be given permission to register for ORCO 4210 (for one credit hour).

Download this mentor application.

To become a mentee, simply email Dr. Janet McCormick ( and say YES, I want an ORCO Peer Mentor!