Industry Involvement

The home building and residential development industry in Middle Tennessee is actively involved in the MTSU Construction Management Program. Six of the Nation's Top 10 Builders participate in the program, along with many locally owned and operated companies. The program is also supported by The Rutherford County Home Builders Association (RCHBA) and the Middle Tennessee Home Builders Association (BHAMT). Additional program support comes from the Memphis Area Home Builders Association, The Home Builders Association of Tennessee (BHAT), and most all other homebuilder associations in Tennessee.

David Hughes "Being involved in the MTSU program since 1996, I have seen the program grow to the point that it ranks near the top with the so called "Big Name Construction Schools". The quality of students and their knowledge basis upon graduation is outstanding. In hiring new employees we always look to MTSU first due to the fast learning tract these students have. It's not unusual for a new graduate to be up to full speed and running their own community within a year or two. Beazer Homes' belief in the program has led us to monetary contributions to the program as well as a scholarship program for the students."
David Hughes
President of Beazer Homes, Nashville Division
Karyn Beaty "Residential construction, including all building trades and services, is the backbone of our nation's economy. It is imperative that we provide a comprehensive education for tomorrow's industry leaders. The Rutherford County Home Builders Association is proud to support MTSU's Residential Construction Management Program. It's exciting to have the only program of its kind in the nation, right here in middle Tennessee."
Karyn Beaty
Executive Officer, Rutherford County Home Builders Association
David McGowan "The MTSU Construction Management Program is an outstanding asset to the residential development and home building industry in Middle Tennessee. Nowhere else in the country, does the local home building industry have their pick of top-notch candidates for employment. To have employees who are specifically educated about our industry is of incomparable value. The education these students are receiving will enable them to have an advantage in our industry that previous generations of home builders and developers did not."
David McGowan
President of Regent Homes, LLC
Jim McLean
"When I started building homes in 1963, the only training I had was trial & error and observing other builders. If a program like MTSU now offers had been available it would have been a giant leap forward for me. The students we can help in this new program will be better informed and experienced,their chance of success will be enhanced greatly."
Jim McLean
President of McLean Construction
Peggy Krebs
"I encourage young women to also consider a degree in residential construction management at MTSU. As a woman home builder and land developer, I have found that home building is a truly rewarding career in so many ways, not the least of which is earning potential. The residential construction management program offered at MTSU will prepare you for a rewarding career in the dynamic world of home construction and land development. Why should guys have all the fun?"
Peggy Krebs
President of Elite Homes