NOVEMBER 9: MTSU to end mask mandate Nov. 10

To the University Community,

As we approach the close of the Fall semester, I want to express my appreciation for your adherence to our safety protocols we enacted to deter the COVID-19 virus. Your continued vigilance contributed to the decline in recorded cases we now see in our county and state.

In recognition of those downward trends, we have decided to remove our mandate requiring the wearing of masks inside campus facilities, starting Wednesday, Nov. 10. However, we still encourage our community members to consider the use of masks as circumstances warrant.

Finally, we strongly encourage our students, faculty and staff who have not been vaccinated to consider taking this precaution, as it remains your greatest defense against the COVID-19 virus. Getting the vaccine reduces your risk of infection and, if you do contract COVID-19, it makes it milder and shorter in duration. ​Getting vaccinated decreases ​the risk of you spreading ​the virus to others.

Vaccines are available for members of our community through MTSU Student Health Services and, just recently, we announced the availability of booster shots as well. Go to their website, for more information.


Sidney A. McPhee