BS Two Year Learning Outcome Evaluation Cycle

Starting on an even numbered Fall semester (e.g., Fall 2022)

Even Numbered Fall Semesters
(e.g.,  Fall 2022)

Odd Numbered Spring Semesters (E.g., Spring 2023)

  • Outcome A measured in 3080 with final exam questions 
  • Outcome D measured in 4160 with Teamwork Rubric
  • Outcome B measured in 4700 with Software Engineering I Rubric
  • Outcome J measured in 3110 with final exam questions
  • Outcome L measured in 1010 with quiz questions


Odd Numbered Fall Semesters
(e.g.,  Fall 2023)
Even Numbered Spring Semesters (e.g., Spring 2024)
  • Process, cycle, and criteria measured by Faculty