Common UNIX Commands

bdf(1M) report number of free disk blocks (Berkeley version)
bdiff(1) diff for large files
cal(1) print calendar
calendar return the MPE calendar date
calendar(1) reminder service
cat(1) concatenate, copy, and print files
cb(1) C program beautifier, formatter
cc, c89(1) C compiler
cd(1) change working directory
cflow generate C flow graph
chdir, chdir(2) change working directory
chmod(1) change file mode
chown, chgrp(1) change file owner or group
chsh change default login shell
cmp(1) compare two files
compress, uncompress, zcat compress and expand data
core format of core image file
cp copy files and directory subtrees
cpio copy file archives in and out
cpp the C language preprocessor
csh a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
cut cut out (extract) selected fields of each line of a file
date print or set the date and time
df report number of free disk blocks
diff differential file and directory comparator
dos2ux, ux2dos convert ASCII file format
doschmod change attributes of a DOS file
doscp copy to or from DOS files
dosdf report number of free disk clusters
dosls, dosll list contents of DOS directories
dosmkdir make a DOS directory
ftp file transfer program
grep, egrep, fgrep search a file for a pattern
head give first few lines
help ask for help
id print user and group IDs and names
kermit kermit file transfer
kill terminate a process
ksh, rksh shell, the standard/restricted command programming language
lp, cancel, lpalt send/cancel/alter requests to an LP line printer or plotter
ls, l, ll, lsf, lsr, lsx(1) list contents of directories
mail, rmail send mail to users or read mail
make(1) maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs
man find manual information by keywords; print out a manual entry
mkdir make a directory
passwd change login password
pg file perusal filter for soft-copy terminals
rlogin remote login
rm remove files or directories
rmdir remove directories
script make typescript of terminal session
sh overview of various system shells
shells list of allowed login shells
sort sort or merge files
spell find spelling errors
vi screen-oriented (visual) display editor
wait await process completion
wc word, line, and character count
who who is on the system
whoami print effective current user id
whodo which users are doing what
write interactively write (talk) to another user
yppasswd change login password in Network Information System