Dates for Freshman CUSTOMS

If you'll be attending MTSU in the fall semester, for your convenience we have scheduled several different dates throughout the summer. You must select a date that your college is represented. This must also be a date that you will be available to attend the on campus CUSTOMS activities. The choice of the session is yours, but to receive the maximum benefits it is imperative that you are available to participate in these required activities.

Session dates will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to register as early as possible.

If you'll be attending MTSU in the spring semester, the CUSTOMS is a condensed version of our summer program and will only be one day.

Freshman Sessions

Freshmen are encouraged to attend a CUSTOMS session before registering for classes. Sign up for the Fall sessions will begin in mid-March 2022. Sessions are offered on the dates shown below. You can confirm the College your major is under by clicking the Programs of Study link at the bottom.

Dates for Fall 2022 CUSTOMS

(Freshmen entering MTSU in August 2022)

Session Date College
1F May 17 (T) ALL colleges
2F May 20 (F)  CBAS, BUS, ED
3F May 26 (Th) CBHS, CLA, ME, UC
4F June 1 (W) CBAS, CBHS, CLA, ME, UC
5F June 3 (F) CBAS, CBHS, BUS, UC
6F June 8 (W) CBHS, ED, CLA, ME, UC
7F June 14 (T) CBAS, CBHS, ME, UC
8F June 16 (Th) CBAS, CBHS, BUS, UC
9F June 21 (T) CBAS, CLA, ME, UC
10F June 25 (S) ALL COLLEGES
11F June 28 (T) CBAS, CBHS, CLA, ME
12F July 14 (Th) CBAS, CBHS, BUS, ED, UC
13F July 19 (T) CBAS, CBHS, CLA, ME, UC
14F July 22 (F) CBAS, CBHS, BUS, UC
15F July 27(W) CBAS, CBHS, CLA, ME
16F July 29 (F) ALL COLLEGES

Dates for Spring 2023 Freshman CUSTOMS

Freshmen entering MTSU in January 2023

Dates for Spring 2023 are being planned at this time.  Please check back for additional information.

To determine which college your major falls under refer to the Programs of Study.

How is Freshman CUSTOMS Structured?

The Freshman CUSTOMS schedule is structured to include 2 components:

  1. CUSTOMS Online modules to be completed prior to your CUSTOMS date
  2. CUSTOMS in person on campus events including academic advising and registration


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