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Viewing Courses by Role

Some instructors see their courses under semester categories or the no semester category. After an instructor reaches a certain amount of courses the categories stop displaying and the instructor will need to either search for a specific course or filter his/her courses by role and/or semester. Directions below will walk you through each scenario.

Locating Courses in Semester and No Semester Categories

If your courses are still displaying under semester and no semester headings you may hide courses in previous and future semesters by clicking the expand/collapse button.

Displaying courses by expanding and closing semester categories

Filtering Your Courses by Role or Semester

You may also wish to filter your courses by Role and/or Semester.

Viewing courses by role filter courses by semester

No Semester Category

All instructors should see the MTSU D2L Learning Community course under the No Semester category. This course contains links to content that will be of interest to faculty only such as links for downloading our site license version of Respondus and information about purchasing the faculty version of Microsoft Office. If you are a faculty member and do not see the MTSU D2L Learning Community on your course list call the Faculty Instructional Technology Center at 615-904-8189 and request that you be added to the course. You will be added as a student.

Other courses that will appear in the No Semester category are course development shells and shells created for special topics such as committee work. If you would like to request a course development shell, or special use shell, click the Faculty link in the left hand navigation area and fill out the form for requesting a development shell.

Courses displaying under the No Semester category


 Searching for courses when you no longer see your courses in categories

If you no longer see your courses under the semester and No Semester headings you can search for a specific course and/or filter your courses by role and/or semester in order to more quickly find your courses.

Searching for courses in My Courses


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