CDS Seminar: "Environmental Data Science: Recent projects from the Data Science Institute"

CDS Seminar:

This seminar was given by Dr. Ryan Otter, the Director of MTSU's Data Science Institute and a Professor of Biology

The field of environmental science has lagged behind other disciplines in the adaptation of data engineering and data science tools. In this presentation, multiple projects, either currently being developed or recently completed in the Data Science Institute at MTSU will be described. Project 1: Thresholds of Toxicological Concern (TTCs): a new approach methodology that can predict a conservative threshold value for chemicals with little or no information available. Project 2: Multi-Sensor Data System: a data platform built to ingest varying files into a data lake, process them into a data warehouse, build unique data marts, and serve up the results in minutes. Project 3: Streams of Data: a web platform for client interactions.  

Watch the video here.