Big Data Research


Big DataFacilitate research projects that promote big data and enable faculty to work together in common research themes that give MTSU opportunities for funding and publicity.  

By creating common research streams for faculty and students to collaborate, opportunities for innovative and exciting research can occur.  This will lead to funding, PR, and research projects that are enriching and promoting of research within MTSU.  

Current Projects:


autonomous systems Autonomous Systems

  •  Tesla Model XThe self driving car is more of a reality than a dream.  Companies such as Volvo, Waymo, Uber, and Apple are testing cars in several states across the United States.  The use of technology for mobility will transform our lives in the future, which leads to several questions:
    • How will riders/drivers react and will they adopt autonomous vehicles?
    • What will the infrastructure needs be in the future?
    • What are 'last mile' issues and concerns?  How will a car drop off passengers or park?
    • What type of sensors will become dominant in future vehicles?
    • Will individuals lease or buy cars?  If they lease, will it be a subscription model?
  • All of these questions and more are intriguing questions that can be researched.  Through interdisciplinary collaboration at MTSU, groups of faculty and students can dive deeply into one topic.

The iPassenger Research Project

This research project looks at the passenger experience within an autonomous capability vehicle, which is B.R.A.D. (BLue Raider Autonomous Driving).  Participants will be able to experience an autonomous ride and with pre-ride and post-ride surveys, we will be able to identify key factors into acceptance of the self-driving experience.

Meet B.R.A.D. - the Tesal Model X