Blue Raider Debate

Veneratio Pro Victoria

Honor/Integrity Before Victory

  2018 MTSU Debate Team

Raiders debating since 1911

Mission Statement

The mission of MTSU debate is to make you a better thinker, scholar, and speaker. Through well rounded and balanced argumentation you also will become a better citizen. The ultimate goal of this team is not victory in the round but victory in life. Victory in life will bring many victories in rounds. The team looks to the past for guidance for a better future.

Vision Statement

To advance this mission, the MTSU Debate Team will seek to:

  • Apply the strictest ethical principles.
  • Strive for and competitive excellence at all times.
  • Treat each other with respect, kindness, and gentleness in all encounters.
  • Conduct ourselves as professionals despite all obstacles.
  • Teach those who come after us as those before taught us.

Speech & Debate Team 2023 Meetings


If you have questions, contact Dr. Patrick Richey at or 615-898-2273.

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