Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) - Report Once and Use Many Times!

Middle Tennessee State University collects information for faculty annual reviews, annual evaluations and reports through Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures). The system will be able to produce faculty annual review documents, CVs, pre-defined custom reports, ad hoc reports, and documentation to support Promotion & Tenure in real-time based on the information uploaded, entered, and curated in the database. It will also provide MTSU with reporting capabilities to support grant applications and help MTSU track metrics for the strategic plan. The software also gives colleges and departments the flexibility to create reports that are specific to their own unit and/or discipline needs.

The intent is that rather than multiple offices across campus asking faculty for information about their work several times each year in slightly different ways, faculty members will be asked for information about their activities in one place, using one tool, thus preventing them from having to duplicate reporting efforts. The site is available to update information anytime and from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.

Where appropriate, we will use data from Banner. The system also allows faculty to load BibTeX files so that you do not have to rekey any citation information currently available in variety of publication databases (e.g., Google Scholar, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science).

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Teresa Johnson, Faculty Success Administrator
Email: Teresa.Johnson@mtsu.edu
Phone: 615-898-5544

Faculty Success Champions

  Faculty Member Email   Department
  Vishwas Bedekar Vishwas.Bedekar@mtsu.edu   Engineering Technology
  Marva Lucas Marva.Lucas@mtsu.edu   University Studies
  Kat Mangione Katherine.Mangione@mtsu.edu   Elementary & Special Education
  Susan Martin Susan.Martin@mtsu.edu   Walker Library
  Scott McDaniel Scott.McDaniel@mtsu.edu   University Studies
  Shannon Randol Shannon.Randol@mtsu.edu   Media Arts
  Jenny Sauls Jenny.Sauls@mtsu.edu   Nursing
  Stephen Severn Stephen.Severn@mtsu.edu   English
  Lee Wade Lee.Wade@mtsu.edu   Criminal Justice Administration


NOTE: Teresa Johnson is currently out on maternity leave until January 2022. During her absence, please contact:
Mitzi Dunkley
(615) 898-5128

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