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The Data Science Institute strives to be the leader in knowledge and research in the area of data science and big data concepts. This is accomplished by facilitating interdisciplinary research, industry and government partnerships, and community outreach which puts MTSU at the forefront of data science regionally and nationally in terms of education and research.

Data Science Institute strategic focus areas:


Big Data Big Data Research Projects

  • To develop a culture that fosters interdisciplinary research at MTSU. This is established through a main theme of big data, which is a main theme in all areas of research within the university.

Industry Partnerships Industry and Government Partnerships

  • Facilitate research projects that promote big data and enable faculty and students to work together in common research themes that give MTSU opportunities for funding and publicity.

Faculty Collaboration Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration

  • Opportunities to partner with companies on big data projects allow for entities to have the Data Science Institute look at data to add business value that may not have been apparent from those that work directly with the data.  Real-world projects for faculty and students gives them a hands-on opportunity to hone their skills as well create a pipeline for communication and opportunities. Several opportunities include consulting, training, funding and grant opportunities. 

Community Involvement Community Involvement

  • A key piece to the Institute will be community and university involvement. This includes working with communities and organizations that are looking to improve areas or constituents by “using data for good”. 

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Apigian Profile
Dr. Charlie Apigian
Interim Director