Assessment Measures

These assessment measures are used to continually evaluate Construction Management students in the Electrical Construction Management (ECM) concentration.

  • Capstone (Senior project) Presentation - The project manual and oral presentation is made to a committee consisting of industry leaders and MTSU faculty. The committee members score each student individually using this scale:
    1 – Poor; 2 – Average; 3 – Good; 4 – Very Good; 5 – Excellent
    In the most recent academic year, the committee ratings for the presentations were 4.2.
  • Grades – Students in the LD/RB concentration are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA for courses in their major as well as a 2.0 overall GPA in order to graduate.
  • Graduate Surveys – Students are asked to complete a survey one year after graduation and another survey five years after graduation. The results of these surveys are used to improve the concentration.
  • Pre test / Post test – Students in each construction class are given a test at the beginning and end of each semester. Students’ scores on each help to determine the overall effectiveness of the instructor. The results are used to evaluate and change the curriculum content and instruction methods if needed.
  • Industry Survey – Industry is regularly surveyed about different aspects of the concentration. The results are evaluated by faculty and used to improve the overall concentration.