Department of Economics and Finance

The mission of the Department of Economics and Finance is to teach students the foundations of economics and finance theory and methodology with a global perspective on markets and the institutional environment.

The department offers programs that lead to the B.B.A. degree with a major in Economics, Finance, or Risk Management and Insurance through the College of Business and to the B.S. degree with a major in Economics through the College of Liberal Arts. The department offers minors in Economics, Finance, Risk Management, and Real Estate. The department also offers a Master of Science in Finance, a Master of Arts in Economics, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics.

The economics program studies how society allocates scarce resources. It is comprised of two parts: microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics studies individual firms and consumers and models the decisions they make in various types of markets and other institutional settings. Macroeconomics examines national income, growth, unemployment, and prices that result from the interaction of microeconomic agents. 

The finance program focuses on the financial sectors of modern economies. Students are provided analytical foundations and an introduction to financial processes and institutions. Finance majors may choose a concentration in Real Estate. 

Students majoring in the Department of Economics and Finance are well prepared for careers in the private business sector, for public government service, and for graduate studies in business and law.