In the Engineering Technology Department, our students have access to many labs and work spaces to facilitate their learning.  Below we highilight some of those labs and activities.

 VET 170A - Power Lab

 This is an image of the ET Power Lab  This is an image of the Power Lab Desk. 

In this lab ET students will learn tasks from using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) to how Electrical Motors work. The PLC trainers pictured here are custom trainers built on Allen Bradley Controllers and programmed with Rockwell Industries Studio 5000 software.  

 VET 170B - ET Senior Design Lab

 This image shows the VET 170B Lab.  This image show the VET 170B Lab Desk.

This brand new lab houses space and computers for ET Seniors to design, build, and test their student projects.  Utilizing the newest equipment available and offering space for students to create will allow our students practical real world problem solving experience.

DSB 122 - Mechatronics Electronics Lab

 Wide View of DSB 122  DSB122 PLC Machines

This lab is where the Mechatronics students would learn about both digital and analog electronic circuits.  It also houses a different version of Programmable Logic Controllers.  These allow our students to get hands on experience with programming and fault detection while moving items along different processes.

DSB 150 - Electronics Power Lab

 Overview of DSB 150  DSB150 PowerTrainer

This lab houses the Mechatronic's power trainers.  Here students will learn about motors and use higher voltage equipment.  Pictured on the right is one of several power trainers where teams will hook up different motors with different loads to investigate their properties.