Group Leader Volunteer Application

  • To follow all the MTSU policies and procedures concerning student behavior.

  • To act as a positive role model at all times for the EYH middle and high school students and to avoid inappropriate behaviors including but not limited to cursing and dressing inappropriately such as wearing clothes that promote alcohol and drugs.

  • That I certify that the information herein is accurate to best of my knowledge. You have my permission to verify any and all information I have listed.

  • That I understand my signature below authorized EYH to review my disciplinary, academic, student affairs, and criminal records.

  • The volunteer understands that {T.C.A. 9-8-307(h) 8-42-101(a)(3)} extends certain protections to individuals who are participants volunteer programs which are operated under the authorization of a state agency or department. The volunteer understands that under the above-referenced law, he/she is immune from suit to the same extent as state employees. Persons injured by the actions of a volunteer are able to file a claim directly against the state.

  • The volunteer understands that he/she shall not be considered an employee, agent or independent contractor employed by Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) for any purpose.

  • The volunteer acknowledges that he/she will neither accept nor claim entitlement to any salary or benefits of employment, including but not limited to insurance, retirement benefits, worker’s compensation, travel expenses, or any other form of compensation of any kind.

  • The volunteer understands that he/she has no actual authority to bind or represent MTSU with regard to any third parties.

  • The volunteer agrees to avoid giving the impression of having apparent authority to bind or represent MTSU with regard to third parties.

  • The volunteer may not sign or enter into any agreements or contracts on behalf of the MTSU.

  • The volunteer acknowledges that MTSU shall have no liability for personal injury or property damage which may be suffered by the volunteer, unless such injury or damage directly results from the negligent act or omissions of state employees or authorized volunteers. 

  • The volunteer acknowledges that he/she may not operate automotive or other state owned equipment of MTSU without specific written authorization from the President or his/her designee.

  • The volunteer and MTSU agree that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or national origin in the execution or performance of this Agreement.

  • This Agreement may be terminated at any time upon written notice of the volunteer or the president or his/her designee of MTSU.



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