2017 High School Keynote Speaker(s)


What does it mean to be a LEADER?


The Nonviolence Brigade of MTSU will teach you , the EYH High School Students, what it means to be a leader. We will provide an overview of leadership and resources you can use to expand your knowledge and improve your own leadership skills. You will also hear brief statements from two emerging leaders on campus about the difference leadership is making in their life. We will then take you to see the space in the Student Union that MTSU provides for student organizations.  There we will go over all of the opportunities MTSU (and college in general) provides for students like you to gain leadership experience. To end the session we will have you work in your groups to discover a topic you are passionate about, and how you can make a difference in that area by becoming a community leader in a way that involves your area of interest. 

Presented by Stephanie Carpenter and Jacob Kight


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