Bria Robinson

Bria Robinson

BE BRIGHT! I am Bria Robinson. I’m 24 years young and was raised in Memphis, TN. I began my new journey in Murfreesboro, TN, December 2015. I was eager to see what Middle Tennessee had to offer. Although, it has been very challenging living on my own and being in a new city all by myself, I have conquered more than I expected to. As a former University of Memphis Tiger, I would always tend to push myself to be the over achiever. I previously studied Psychology at the University of Memphis for 2 years. I am now a transfer student at Middle Tennessee State University seeking a Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship. It is very important to me that I put my best foot forward while embarking this new adventure in life. Moving forward, in the future, I plan on owning several businesses, that will impact the community in ways unimaginable. The youth are the most important part of our community because they are our future.  One business I will be focusing my energy on first would be a clothing line for youth. This clothing line will allow youth to be the creators of their own clothing, in which I have several different ways young people can incorporate their unique ideas, in their day to day fashion. This concept would embed the energy of confidence, diversity and leadership.  Ambition and envisioning the future, are the things that keep me motivated. I hope to gain an abundance of helpful information, form new relationships, and gain better leaderships skills, on this journey at Middle Tennessee State University. I look forward to be a positive asset to Middle Tennessee State University and motivate others to never give up! I wish you all the best on this colorful journey that awaits us! Every day is a new day to do better than you were yesterday!

Comments from Peers

She made a great effort to ask questions and participate. She participated frequently in class and contributed a lot to general class discussions. Did a great job at participating, and always active in class. Volunteered, respected others’ students time by taking activity seriously, was on time, optimistic and upbeat. She’s awesome! Bria is funny and entertaining. She was quick to volunteer.