Dr. Michael Roach

Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Roach
Room N315, Business & Aerospace Building (BAS)
MTSU Box 27, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Areas of Expertise

Law and Economics Sports Economics



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Roach, Michael A. (2016). Does Raising Indigent Defender Pay Rates Improve Defendant Outcomes? Evidence from New York. (forthcoming, Applied Economics Letters).

Roach, Michael A. (2016). The Effect of Sunday Closing Laws on Drinking and Driving: Evidence from Colorado. (forthcoming, Journal of Applied Economics and Policy).

Roach, Michael A. (2016). Does Prior NFL Head Coaching Experience Improve Team Performance? Journal of Sport Management, 30 (3), 298-311.

Horvath, Joshua; Fowler, Stuart; and Roach, Michael A. (2014). The Impact of Tort Reform on Queries to the �National Practitioner Data Bank. Southern Business and Economic Journal, 37 (1), 57-82.

Roach, Michael A. (2014). Is the Highway Patrol Really Tougher on Out-of-State Drivers? An Empirical Analysis. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. 15 (2) 769-796.

Roach, Michael A. (2014). Indigent Defense Counsel, Attorney Quality, and Defendant Outcomes. American Law and Economics Review, 16 (2), 577-619.

Roach, M. A. (2013). Mean-Reversion or a Breath of Fresh Air? The Effect of NFL Coaching Changes on Team Performance in the Salary Cap Era. Applied Economics Letters, 20 (17), 1553-1556.

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