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Welcome to my web presence.  My name is Blaze (AKA Blazer T. Boo-boo, Blazers, Mr. Snibs, Little Jeffrey Bezos, or Small and Tall).  I am an exceptionally happy dog despite my troubled past.  My current, and no doubt my last parents (because I think I'll keep 'em), first saw me on a road close to their home in Robertson County, Tennessee.  It was September, and it was still very hot out.  They sort of know all the dogs in the neighborhood, and they didn't recognize me.  But they drove on. 


Then a week went by.  And the woman who would become my new Mom saw me on yet another part of their road.  I was still alone, and I was very very thin.  And it was still very hot out, and I had no water.  So Mom locked eyes with me and called Dad.  She told him that if I was still in the road when HE drove by, to pick me up.  So I stood right there in the smack-dab middle of the road until Dad drove by and picked me up!  We went to The Big House with The Big Yard.  And I learned I had a sweet sister (Sassy) and a very jealous brother (Jack).  I can run faster than both of 'em.  

Let me tell you the two things I most love.  Number one--lasers.  Mom had already named me Blaze--she says because of the white stripe on my long and lovely nose.  But Dad shone a red laser light on the floor and I was absolutely 100% enchanted with it.  The second thing I love?  Tripping my parents.  Especially when my mom is carrying something downstairs and can't see me.  I love that.


My mom--and the veternarian--both think I'm part golden retriever.  And probably part Tasmanian Devil. 

Maybe Dad will tell you two more stories about me.  1) How I pushed Mom onto the stove, and  2) how I went home with the Pizza Lady.    I do like to consider myself a part of most activities.  That's why I firmly believe that every bed and every sofa is the house is really mine.  Oh, yeah.  Mom's socks?  Mine.  Dad's pillow?  Mine.  Mom and Dad's time?  Mine.  I think you're getting the idea now.  

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