Business Communication and Entrepreneurship


Dreamweaver Tutorial for Persons with Disabilities

Gerry Scheffelmaier

The Dreamweaver was originally designed to be an aid for instructors teaching Dreamweaver and students wanting to learn how to design and develop a web site using the technology. After some careful consideration, it was determined that the development of this tutorial would be beneficial to persons with disabilities. Dr. Victoria Dawn Shelar was instrumental in developing portions. A video was made of Dr. Shelar as she signed the information provided in the specific portion of the instruction material.

The following programs were used to incorporate text, audio, and video into the tutorial: Adobe Premier Elements, Captivate, Snagit, and Dreamweaver. A table with one row and two columns was created using Dreamweaver. The right cell contained the subject matter created by Captivate to include audio. The left cell contained a video of Dr. Shelar signing the information presented in the left cell. The two cells were active and both were designed to begin at the same time. This gave the user the opportunity to hear the information, read the information in text format, and read the sign language.

Each of the following goals were accomplished: (1) developed a competent and working knowledge base of the Dreamweaver program, (2) used this knowledge base to develop a tutorial to assist students design to develop their company Web site, (3) assisted students on a one-on-one basis with issues arising during the development processes, (4) shared this knowledge and the tutorial with teachers at MTSU and schools throughout Tennessee at the Tennessee Business Education Conference, Tennessee Vocational Technology Conference, and a portion was presented at the National Parks and Recreation Association Conference in Seattle, (5) submitted the tutorial to MERLOT and (6) provided a link to the tutorial on my faculty Web site, which will be included in the final report for posting on the Faculty Showcase Web site. In addition, this project has provided me with the knowledge base to enhance and improve my online courses.