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Word Processing Concepts Online

Robert Blair

The purpose of this project will be to redesign BMOM 233 Word Processing Concepts into an online course. It offers BMOM 233 Word Processing Concepts Online in a predominantly web-based format to reach a broader range of students and make the course accessible to students in remote location. This will be the first online course offered by the BMOM department.

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to develop BMOM 2330-01 Word Processing Concepts as an online course for the Fall 2001 semester. This process has allowed me to further develop my Courselnfo and other web skills by giving me time to attend the Advanced Courselnfo (Assessment Tools) session; FrontPage 2000 Beginner--Parts 1 and 2; and FrontPage 2000 Intermediate--Part 1 workshops. Barbara Draude and Brenda Kerr have gone the "extra mile" to assist me.

I have also been able to incorporate my new skills into a $50,000 grant that I received to develop an academy for Rutherford County teachers--Corporate Connections Academy. As part of the Academy, we are going to develop a web site and bum CDs to include participant presentations. Management of a graduate course (BMOM 581 Internship Program) will be handled via Courselnfo site.

I used Courselnfo to prepare this course to limit the use of copyrighted materials to only those individuals who are officially enrolled in the course and have purchased the textbooks. I am currently in the process of having two of my colleagues and a student review the course content for user-friendliness. Once I have their feedback, I will make any necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that I will update my office hours on the syllabus and staff sections before the class begins this fall. <p>Should you desire to review the site, please let me know and I will log you in or activated the guest user component. If you have questions, contact me at 615.898.5284 or


Business Communication

Robert Blair

Utilized PowerPoint and other multimedia technologies to enhance the delivery of course content in BMOM 351 Business Communication. He uses technology to deliver his lectures and requires his students to use technology to complete course assignments.

The purpose of this project is to enhance classroom instruction in business communication through the incorporation of multimedia technology (presentation software, video, compact disc, internet, email, etc.)

Expand and improve instructor skills and knowledge related to the use of technology in the classroom. The instructor attended the following workshops during the semester.


Network Management Scenario Analysis Program

Computer Information Systems
Tom Roberts

Roberts designed and developed a simulation program to create various network scenarios for students to manage on an actual LAN (Local Area Network) implementation. The simulation program will be used in INFS 490 and 690 and will have the potential to be used in other courses within CIS and Computer Science.