Educational Leadership


Project Engage

Becky Alexander, Charlene True, Charles Milligan 


Flash Animation Movies of Cultural Case Studies

Education and Behavioral Sciences
Barbara Young 


Microcomputers in the K-12 Setting: An On-line Version

Education and Behavioral Science
Jay Sanders

Sanders will be creating documents, instructions, and examples to be used in the on-line version of the SPSE 664 course. This will provide off-campus access to technology for students working full-time at K-12 schools and show them how to integrate technology into their own classrooms.


Technology in Classroom SPE 322: Adding a Correspondence Module to a Course Using a 450 Page Web Site

Education and Behavioral Science
Jay Sanders

Jay will be creating additional documents to use for examples, instruction and illustrations in an existing web page. These will enhance student learning in computer programs and in integrating technology into their own future classrooms.

The project met all of the goals for this grant:

  1. Support procedures that could significantly affect existing courses: This Online section of the SPSE 322 course was added to our course offerings in the Spring 1999 Semester. We had 22 enrolled & 20 completed the course satisfactorily.

  2. Reach large numbers of students: We had 22 students the Spring Semester will offer this Online every semester. This represents about 1/3 of students taking this course each semester

  3. Offer a more flexible approach to instruction that is better adapted to individual capacities needs of students: Of the 20 students completing the course, 6 occasionally attended regularly scheduled classes (other sections) for additional help. Fourteen students used the Internet/email exclusively to complete the course requirements. The course allowed the students much more flexibility than having to attend a regularly scheduled class.

  4. Enable the applicant to use technology to revise, update, and implement materials for an existing course: This format allowed me to update & revised the course material to be adapted for remote use and/or classroom instruction.

  5. Allow the applicant to develop materials for new courses that incorporate the use of technology while enhancing classroom instruction: I developed new materials for the 322 course (Online & regular) that allowed for the increased use of technology in and out of the classroom. The Online course allowed me to give more individual instruction because the assignments were attached to an email message—this allowed the instructor to see the actual student work with all of the formatting attached. For example, in WORD 97, in the regular class I only see a hard copy, but in the Online format I can see all of the actual formatting of Tabs, Tables, exacting spacing, etc.

  6. Expand & improve instructor skills knowledge related to the use of technology in the classroom: The instructor gained skills in dealing with email attachments and how to effectively use the Internet site for remote student work. In addition to the overall grant goals, I met the Objectives outlined in the original proposal: To create additional documents for examples, instructions, and illustrations for each of the 10 Portfolio Sections. To provide students a workable Internet environment that they can access from any Internet connected computer. To enhance student learning in how to use computer programs. To enhance student learning in how to integrate technology into their classrooms.