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Developing Online Literacy Lessons for Instructional Purposes

Education and Behavioral Sciences
Beverly Boulware

Though the use of creative aspects of computer-based technology, students in Dr. Boulware's classes have transformed traditional models of instruction into innovative web-based learning lessons designed for elementary and secondary school students. Specific examples of students' work can be found at http://www.mtsu.edu/~mtsuliteracy/

The results of the project "Developing Online Literacy Lessons for Instructional Purposes can be viewed at http://www.mtsu.edu/~mtsuliteracy MTSU Literacy Students constructed online lessons in the content areas. These lessons were created for classroom use. Teachers will find from the activities and accompanying trade books concepts that will enable their learners to develop content knowledge linked with the Tennessee Curriculum Standards.

Each of the Tennessee Curriculum Standards addressed connects with text and incorporates an instructional framework appropriate for use in the content area of language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies. Students can participate in online activities where they integrate technology with literature and hands on tasks. Most of the lessons may be done independently or in small groups.

Besides the tasks written into the online lessons, teachers can modify the content to include lectures, discussions, role-playing activities, and independent studies. Students can work with their peers to enhance their communication skills. This will enable them to effectively share the information they learn with others in oral and written formats. Students engaging in the online tasks acquire foundational knowledge in the various topics covered in the lessons posted. They will be asked to think, write, and speak critically about subject matter related to the content of the print materials from which the lessons are taken.

This project is ongoing and the website will be updated as future groups of MTSU literacy students create additional web-enhanced lessons as a part of their classroom assignments.


In Pursuit of the Wild Cursor

Education and Behavioral Sciences
Kathleen Burriss

The objectives of this project are to develop basic windows skills for use in various university-related activities and develop more advanced skills in using various Windows computer components. This project affects the design and management of four courses: ELED 6030,ELED 6090, and "The Early Childhood Practitioner." A fourth couse is currently on hold.