Teaching and Learning Secondary General Music with Apple iPads

Liberal Arts
Jennifer Vannatta-Hall

Purpose and objectives. The purpose of this project is to use a classroom set of iPads to facilitate teaching and learning in a secondary general music methods course. The objectives of this project are that vocal/general music education majors will use the Apple iPad to:

  • Engage in music making opportunities.
  • Develop an understanding of music theory.
  • Listen to, analyze and describe music.
  • Improvise and compose music.
  • Plan and teach secondary general music lessons. 


WebCT course shell template for MUS 1030 classes

Liberal Arts
Christine Poythress

Primary objectives include facilitating the fluctuating population of new Adjunct Instructors of MUS 1030 and broadening the scope of available materials for veteran Instructors, making communication between student and faculty more efficient and making available online activities to enhance classroom learning.

Instructors have the option of using the course shell as a foundation for a hybrid based class or as an Instructor reference.