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David Carleton

Carleton will be creating a teaching and service oriented web page for the Tennessee Political Science Association (TPSA). The web page will provide a mechanism for faculty at MTSU and other institutions around the state to organize political information on the Internet for classroom projects, easily share teaching materials, and for outreach to civics and government teachers and students in Tennessee high schools.

Dr. David Carleton was awarded an Instructional Technologies Development Grant for the summer of 1998. This grant allowed him to create a teaching and service oriented web page for the http://www.mtsu.edu/~polsci/tpsa/tennessee.htm Tennessee State Political Science Association. The Tennessee Political Science Association, created in 1967, is committed to the professional development of political science, and furthering civics and political education at all levels. This site is intended to provide practical resources to further these goals.

This site provides: Extensive links to Political Information, organized by subfields and subject matter. Professional Resources, including reference materials, style manuals, teaching materials, political science journals, and book publishers. Career Information, including the study of political science, job search, law school admissions, and graduate school admissions Links for High School Civics and Government Classes, including lesson plans, projects, and simulations. TPSA Organizational Links, including a Directory, email links, and current newsletter.