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Creating MTSU Theatre Stages in Second Life

Speech Theatre
Virginia Donnell 


Makeup Techniques Resource (A Corrective Makeup Techniques Computer-based Learning Module)

Liberal Arts
Lori Gann-Smith

This grant will allow me to develop a reusable computer-based learning module for support of THEA 3100 Makeup Techniques for Performers. The module will include a web-based demonstration including video, graphics, audio and subtitled instruction. The module will also include an interactive makeup chart which students can access and use to test their skills and knowledge of corrective makeup techniques. The module will also support THEA 4110 Makeup Design and Creation as well as THEA 1030 Theatre Appreciation. In all, this module could be used by well over 800 students a semester.

When applying for this grant, I proposed to develop reusable computer-based learning modules for use mainly in THEA 3100, Makeup Techniques for Performers, but also to support THEA 4110, Makeup Design and Creation, and THEA 1030, Theatre Appreciation. My intention was to create 2 modules: one on Corrective Makeup Techniques and one on Old Age Makeup Techniques. These modules were to contain a web-based component which would include video demonstrations, graphics, subtitled and audio instruction as well as an interactive makeup chart which could be manipulated by students and that would provide feedback to them. This material would be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for student access. This resource would also be submitted to MERLOT.

During the grant period, I have been able to accomplish a great deal in creating the Corrective Makeup Techniques module. The video footage of my corrective makeup demonstration is complete and the footage has been edited. I wrote and recorded the voice-over script for the footage and created a series of informative Powerpoint slides to be inserted into the video images. Part of these slides have already been edited into the video footage. The interactive makeup chart is partially complete.

I have learned a great deal about Adobe Premiere and Flash in the process of making this module. Al Smith and his graduate student Ed have been very patient with me as I have tried to understand and learn how to use the software. My understanding of the scope of this project has increased during the process and I realize now that to create just the video component of the Corrective Makeup Techniques module is a huge task.

As of June 1, the project is still in development. I plan to try to finish editing the video component of the module during the week of June 19. After it is complete, it will be placed into Real Server where students can access the information. The interactive makeup chart will probably take longer to finish owing to the fact that Flash has a very steep learning curve and my instructor, Ed, is out of school for the summer!

I will begin using the video component of the module with my THEA 3100 classes in Fall 2006. I expect this will impact students in my classes very favorably as they are able to have 24/7 access to quality information about corrective makeup techniques which are the basis for all theatrical makeup techniques. They will be able, for the first time, to view and review a demonstration and its peripheral information as many times as they like. They can "rewind" to a certain section and view it over and over for clarification and can use the resource whenever is convenient for them. I will also submit the module to MERLOT.


Workbook & CD for Teaching Vector Works Spotlight

Liberal Arts
Steve T. Jones

The goal of this project is to produce a workbook and accompanying Cd of materials to train students in the use the CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) program. The object is to give students an extra resource for learning drafting software.


Digital Applications for Costume Design

Liberal Arts
Virginia Donnell

Progress Report on Instructional Technology Grant Project on Digital Applications for Costume Design

I have completed 90% of the project proposed. I logged over 100 hours developing this instructional series this summer after the initial research and planning was completed.

The final product contains definitions, process instructions, and instructions on the use of digital tools. I have completed production on the design and production units. The final design unit contains over 75 frames with instructional materials such as definitions, process guidelines, and digital application. The final production unit contains over 95 frames of visual materials, digital details and instructions. These units will cover materials and digital instructions for courses that require 5-7 weeks of instruction. These are ready for class use and will be used in THEA 3200 and THEA 4230 this fall, and two courses in the spring semester. Other courses will have access but no schedule commitment has been made to date.

I have submitted a regional conference presentation proposal requiring the use of these units. The approval is pending (Southeastern Theatre Conference March 2002).

The portfolio section has been researched and is ready for digital development. I will continue this work with the completion of this final unit by end of Spring 2002.

All in all, I am very pleased with the results. I believe these will be very effective teaching tools for the beginning to advanced students.