Interactive Online Quizzing for MTSU Anatomy & Physiology Students

Basic and Applied Science
Amy E. Jetton

The objective is to turn an existing bank of multiple choice and matching exam questions into interactive online quizzes for the MTSU Anatomy & Physiology web site.


Digital Image Technology for BIOL 3010/5010, Embryology

Basic and Applied Science
Max Gore Ervin

The objective is to develop a library of digital images from our existing Embryology microscope slide collection. This library will be made available to students for independent study, review and exploration via departmental computers.


Biology 1030 On-Line

Basic and Applied Science
Nicole Turrill Welch

The release time provided by this grant will be used to develop lectures and an WebCT interface for a new, online version of BIOL 1030 Topics in Biology.

The goal of this grant project was to adapt Biology 1030 Topics in Biology for use as an online course. Microsoft Powerpoint lectures were developed from my lectures and the WebCt interface for my regular classes was altered to include components that would be necessary for the online version of the course. Approval was granted by the Internal Revue Board to make a study of the effectiveness of traditional and online lectures in Topics in Biology.

The first data for this study were collected in the fall of 2002. Text files will be added to my Powerpoint lectures during the spring 03 semester. During the summer, the course specific lectures and assisgnments will be completed. After this is done, the powerpoint visuals, text and audio will be used together to teach this class. This array of teaching tools should address most of the learning styles of my students.


Integration of Electronic Textbook and Supplementary CD in Biology 1030 Coursework

Basic and Applied Science
Sarah F. Barlow

The purpose of the project is to develop a supplementary CD of student activities to be used with Thinkwell's Biology, an electronic textbook comprised of six CDs. The material will be integrated into an existing course, "Topics in Biology" (Biology 1030).

During the summer of 2002, supplementary exercises were written. In addition to providing these exercises on CD, the project has been extended to include incorporating these materials within WebCT course management. The project was presented at the recent ShareFair sponsored by the Faculty Instructional Technology Center, Informatin Technology Division. Use of the electronic testbook will be evaluated by students and faculty at the end of Fall 2002 


Incorporation of Internet-Based Seminars for Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science Education

Basic and Applied Science
Ngee-Sing Chong

In order to facilitate the instruction of the latest laboratory techniques in analytical chemistry and environmental analysis, Internet-based seminars program of the chemistry department at MTSU. The Internet-based seminars will help students gain proficiency in the operation of sophisticated chemical instrumentation and the methods development in chemical analysis.

One of the biggest challenges in teaching chemistry courses involving laboratory techniques is that the techniques are constantly evolving through rapid advances in instrumentation. An approach that I have adopted for narrowing the gap between the use of the state-of-the-art techniques in the chemcal industry and the coverage of analytical chemistry concepts in textbooks is by broadcating seminar presentations from scientific instrument vendors and chemistry conferences via the Internet. This is a very cost-efficient approach to keep students and faculty informed of the latest advances in their fields. Instead of requesting travel expenditures from the university to attend scientific workshops or conferences, both the live and recorded seminars can be delivered to interested students and faculty in one of our master classrooms equipped with multimedia presentation either free of charge or for minimal registration costs.

I have focused on the Internet-based seminars from Agilent Technologies first because the chemistry department at MTSU currently owns several instruments from the company. The list of seminar topics is available at http//webshop.chem.agilent.com/iccdocs/seminarList.shtml. Based on the positive responses of my students, I am arranging to have the seminars incorporated into the departmental seminar series so that even students who are not in my class or research group will be able to successfully apply the techniques of chemical analysis in their research or future jobs. From the feedback of students, the preparation of a seminar abstract and the hosting of a post-seminar discussion session will be planned for the future. The five seminar titles that have been presented are as follows.

  • "Identification and Quantification of Pesticides Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Selective Detection"
  • "Installation, Care, and Maintenance of Gas Chromatography Columns"
  • "Creating and Using Searchable Spectral Libraries"
  • "Gas Chromatoghraphy Column Selection"
  • "Secrets of Solid Phase Extraction"

The Instructional Technology and Development grant has also provided me with release time to enhance my homepages for CHEM1010, CHEM1110, and CHEM4630. I have added instructional resources from the textbook publisher, application notes from vendors of laboratory equipment, as well as information from professional societies and government agencies such as American Chemical Society, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Internet resources benefit the students by allowing them to learn the contemporary materials at a self-paced schedule and pursue more advanced understanding of topics applicable to their career aspirations. I have also investigated the feasiblity of using the satellite TV facilities for broadcasting chemistry and environmental science topics to community colleges and high school teachers in Tennessee. A proposal outlining the plan of distance education has been submitted to the National Science Foundation.

Developmental Studies

Tutorial materials for the TI-83 graphing calculator competencies

Developmental Studies
Linda M. Clark

Economics and Finance

A Multimedia Database Approach to Teaching Financial and Credit Management - A to Z

Emily Norman Zietz

This project will be designed to assist principles level finance students, both business majors and non-majors or minors, in understanding financial information and analyzing a decision or a portfolio.


Liberal Arts
Elvira Casal

During the spring of 2000, work began on the rough draft of the explanatory material and some of the exercises that will be used in the English 1040 course taught through the Writing Center. Since the CD will not be needed until spring 2003, more material will be developed during the summer and fall of 2002. The "regular" English 1040 class in the fall of 2002 will provide an opportunity to test the materials before they are given to the students taking the course through the writing center.

Because of enrollment concerns, efforts are underway to make the CD more interactive.

The current goal is to have enough material ready for students to use (under the appropriate level of faculty supervision) in the fall1040 class, as well as, providing a BETA version of the CD for use in the spring of 2003. After use in the Spring, final polishing will be done so that the material can be included as part of the regular teaching apparatus in the Writing Center.


Women and the Internet

Liberal Arts
Elyee Rae Helford


Web-based Regression Tutorial Assessment

Basic and Applied Science
Ginger H. Rowell

The purpose of this project is to use the content of the Web-based Regression Tutorials Project during the fall 2002 semester in a Regressional Analysis class and to assess their effectiveness for student learning and their potential for being used in future on-line versions of this course. Some tutorials will also be used as a component of an introductory statistics course.

During the Fall 2002 semester, my ITD grant focused on the assessment phase of the development of a comprehensive web called "Web-based Regression Tutorials." This web has tutorials for learning and/or reviewing the statistical methods associated with Regression Analysis and is located at www.mtsu.edu/~stats (select "Regression Analysis"). This web provides instruction for the very beginner and goes through material that is used in graduate level statistics courses. The tutorials also provide detailed instructions for completing the procedures or the analysis using MS Excel and the statistical software Minitab as well as complete information for understanding the concepts and interpreting the results. During the Fall 2002 semester, I was able to meet the assessment objectives described in the original proposal.

Conclusion: I am pleased with the Web-based Regression Tutorial website as a very strong teaching supplement to the STAT 4360/5360, Regression Analysis class. Though I thought it would be good for a distance learning course, based on my students' comments and testing resutls during the Fall 2002 semester, I think the complexity of the material is such that a complete on-line course is not a good idea for our students at MTSU. However, I can envision these tutorials being used with a partial on-line course. There are students who would like to take a course like this but cannot because of their work schedule. Perhaps a mix of web-based and Saturday intensive-study classes would be a good combination for an alternative approach for this course. I will continue to use these tutorials for workshops for high school and middle school teachers and in many of the probability and statistics courses at MTSU. I will also continue to explore new venues for using these tutorials at least as a partial distance education course.

Speech and Theatre

Workbook & CD for Teaching Vector Works Spotlight

Liberal Arts
Steve T. Jones

The goal of this project is to produce a workbook and accompanying Cd of materials to train students in the use the CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) program. The object is to give students an extra resource for learning drafting software.