Develop web-assisted, large-section of American History Gen. Ed. Course

Amy Sayward

Purpose: To develop a web-assisted, large section of HIST 2010 (Survey of U.S. History to 1876) that will serve 280 students. The "lecture" component will be delivered on-line (with additional instructional upgrades, such as self-pacing), and once a week students will gather in discussion sections of 35 students with graduate teaching assistants and/or the instructor (4 total instructors each teaching 2 discussion sections). I will also be conducting weekly workshops (in place of office hours) that students can attend in person, synchronously via Collaborate, or after the fact as I will electronically capture and post these workshops.


Teaching and Learning Secondary General Music with Apple iPads

Liberal Arts
Jennifer Vannatta-Hall

Purpose and objectives. The purpose of this project is to use a classroom set of iPads to facilitate teaching and learning in a secondary general music methods course. The objectives of this project are that vocal/general music education majors will use the Apple iPad to:

  • Engage in music making opportunities.
  • Develop an understanding of music theory.
  • Listen to, analyze and describe music.
  • Improvise and compose music.
  • Plan and teach secondary general music lessons.