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Eastern Michigan University

At Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, public relations associate professor Jamie Ward oversaw a 1 for All PR campaign with a singular concentration on freedom of speech.

Students flock to express themselves.


"We dedicated our focus to our freedom of speech, most specifically our freedom of expression," the university's 1 for All report said. "Though freedom of expression is legally protected by the U.S. Constitution, many Americans do not feel comfortable or even safe expressing themselves ... . 

"With this in mind, we created a social media event campaign that would promote awareness of this protected freedom while also asking students to publicly express themselves however they deemed fit. Through their expressions, those too afraid to openly express themselves could find encouragement to make use of their legally given right. With a newly created hashtag, #FightTheFeardom, and printed paper ready to be filled with individual expressions, our campaign began."

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