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A Google Ads campaign was the centerpiece of the 1 for All PR campaign at this university in Beaumont, Texas.

Associate Professor Q. J. Yao in the Department of Communication reported that the ad campaign ran from Nov. 16 to Dec. 7, 2019, and it zeroed in on a one-mile radius around campus.


“The campaign created 46,500 impressions and 494 clicks …, which led the visitors who clicked the ads to the landing page, the website of the Free Speech Center at MTSU,” Yao said.

A big part of the strategy involved using Google Ads’s keywords-planning tool to identify some 1,500 keywords that could trigger the ads. The most popular keywords turned out to be “Lamar university,” “newspaper,” “legal,” “YouTube,” and “world news.”

“The campaign included two groups of ads to promote studying the First Amendment,” wrote Yao. The ads said such things as:

“The most effective ad, as picked up by Google’s optimization mechanism, is the ad with a conclusive statement and two-sided information but no call for action,” Yao said.

“From the impressions of 46,500, it can be estimated with high confidence that more than 30,000 people were reached by one of the ads in the campaign (some might have encountered the ads for more than one time). No less than 450 people [were] interested to the degree to click the ads (again, a few might have done that more than once) and visit the landing page. The campaign is considered successful.”



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