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University of North Carolina, Asheville

The 16 students in the public relations course taught by Associate Professor Sonya DiPalma were divided into four groups, each responsible for designing a First Amendment campaign.

The campaign slogans:

"Students participated in three events related to their First Amendment campaigns," DiPalma wrote. These were: First Amendment Week, Nov. 18, 19, 20 and 21 in the student union, the Department of Mass Communication’s Senior Luncheon and Undergraduate Research Symposium poster session, both held on Nov. 26.

"Outreach on the campus included face-to-face interaction with students during First Amendment Week, the department senior luncheon and the undergraduate research symposium," DiPalma said. "Conservatively, we reached approximately 300 students. Students also placed advertisements for First Amendment week in the Blue Banner (campus newspaper) and distributed posters on campus. Conservatively, we reached at least 1,000 students on campus. Campus enrollment is about 3,600 students."

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