Beginning August 1, 2016, faculty will be able to adjust the start and stop dates of their D2L courses themselves.  We have created instructions for adjusting course dates.

Videos Created by D2L/Brightspace

Mobile Apps

Pulse and Binder apps are available for students. Assignment Grader is available for faculty. All apps are available on iOS and Android operating systems. Access more information.

MTSU Desire 2 Learn Tutorials

  • January 2016 - What's New in D2L - Handout

D2L Tips and Tricks

Check out tips and directions for using various D2L tools.

Creating Content

Discussion Boards, Dropboxes, Groups, and Rubrics

Sample Rubrics

  • Sample Workshop Rubrics: Right click on this file - Sample Rubrics.zip - download it to your computer and then use D2L's Import/Export/Copy Components tool to import these rubrics into your course


  • Creating and Grading Quizzes in D2L
  • Quiz Tool Adjustments
    • Quiz Answer Coded Incorrectly - Adjusting the Quiz Question Answer will allow an additional answer to be marked as correct. This will handle changing a student grade for somone who successfully challenges a quiz answer; other students who may have given this same answer will also be given the points.
      Additionally, you may click a single student attempt at any time, manually adjust the score on any question, and save.
    • Submission View Problem - want students to see only incorrect questions but they are seeing all questions.
    • Removing Student Quiz Attempts - Deleting student quiz attempts so they can retake a quiz
  • Respondus test creation software. Used to bring in questions you have previously made in Word and Notepad or questions from publishers. See the MTSU D2L Learning Community course to locate directions for downloading and licensing Respondus on your computer.

Sample Quizzes To Use in workshops

Gradebook and Grading

D2L/Brightspace Support

Access MTSU's D2L support site and then click on the Faculty link on the left to fill out forms that allow you to:

  • Request courses be combined into one shell
  • Request a development course
  • Add users to a course
  • Remove users from a course
  • and more.....

Online Workshops

Share Course Content with Another Instructor: Shared Course Repository Directions

Tutorials and Tips are still being moved to this site from previous locations on MTSU servers.

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