Dropbox Synchronization

You can download Pulse by visiting the app store on a mobile device or accessing the Brightspace Pulse information page.

Pulse gives students the ability to view dropbox related content posted by the instructor. The time, date, and description of each dropbox item is viewable from inside the app. Students can then plan accordingly for the assignment.

Pulse Dropbox

Calendar View

The calendar view allows students to see a week by week schedule of events. The graph references the intensity of work during the week which can help students plan and organize busy schedules.

Pulse Calendar

Plan & Organize

Students can plan their next assignment or study time right inside the app. Create To Do schedules to prepare for the next class assignment or upcoming test!

Pulse Plan

Pulse Org








Grade Review

The pulse app lets students view assignment grades once a professor posts the scores for the dropbox assignment. The students receive automatic updates within the Pulse app to view individual assignments scores for each class.

Pulse UpdatesPulse Grade


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