Using Mobile Apps with D2L

Student Apps


Pulse is a mobile tool for students with iOS and Android. The mobile app allows the user to keep track with all course related events posted on D2L. Students can check assignment due dates, regularly schedule study time, and view grades instantly posted by instructors. The app also includes an alert system for course related events and notifications. More >>


Binder allows students to easily work with textbooks and documents from their courses, favorite cloud drives and mobile apps all in one place - so no matter where the course content comes from, it will always be at their fingertips, on-line or off-line.

Information about binder can be found at Binder downloads can be accessed via a mobile device or a web browser. When the user clicks the Add to Binder option he/she will be prompted to sign up for a Binder account. This login will be needed to access the content from either the web browser or the mobile app.

Faculty Apps

Assignment Grader

Assignment Grader helps instructors to:

  • Save time: Assignments can be saved for offline use, allowing instructors to shorten the turnaround time for grading and feedback and work at their own pace when providing simple text, audio, or video feedback on downloaded assignments.
  • Improve feedback: Assess using rubrics, annotate with inline comments, and provide personalized feedback using grading tools for teachers that allow them to leave time-consuming manual grading behind.
  • Stay organized: Support for multiple submission types and the ability to switch between multiple views helps keep things organized, offering instructors the flexibility to quickly navigate through submissions and grade in the workflow that they prefer.

Assignment Grader is available for both iOS and Android operating systems through their respective app stores.

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