Quiz Adjustments

Remove a Quiz Attempt | Adjusting Quiz Question Answer


Removing Quiz Attempts

You may decide to remove a student attempt for a quiz. Also know that Special Access under the Restrictions tab will also allow you to give a particular student more than one attempt.

To remove an attempt:

  1. Click Quizzes 
  2. Under Manage Quizzes, click the down arrow next to the quiz name. Select the Grade option.
  3. Select the student name to highlight all attempts.
    1. If you want to select a specific attempt, only select the checkbox next to that attempt.
  4. Once the correct attempt(s) have been selected, click the trash icon.
  5. Click Save.

Note: If you are in the Edit Quiz window, you can get to the Grade page by clicking the down arrow at the top of the page next to the quiz name.

Adjusting Quiz Question Answer

After looking at the results of a completed test, you may realize that you have indicated the wrong answer for a particular quiz question (or want to give credit for another answer). You can easily give students points for that question by following these directions:

  1. Click Quizzes > Under the Manage Quizzes section, click Grade from the dropdown next to the quiz name where this problem exists.
    D2L Quiz - Grade option
  2. Choose the Questions tab > Choose Update All Attempts > Click the quiz question to adjust.
    D2L Quiz Question Updating
  3.  Decide whether you want to
    1. Give all attempts points for this question
    2. Give attempts with a certain answer points for this question
      Quiz All Answers Get PointsQuiz Certain Answer Gets Points
  4. Save.

Note: You may review a particular student's attempt to be sure the question is scored correctly. This is under the Users tab in this Grade area. When reviewing an attempt, notice that you may also fill in a desired score for any quiz question (overriding the automatic grading). Remember to Save.

Quiz Student AttemptQuiz Adjust Question Score


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