Tips and Tricks

Mac Users

When converting Mac Keynote presentations to HTML save the file using the PNG graphics option.  The variable quality jpeg.  will not display -- at least in D2L.

Also, some versions of Mac Safari will still not display correctly.  To solve that go to the Mac Safari Preferences then to Privacy and set accept cookies to always/from everywhere.  This should resolve the problem.  There should be no issues with Firefox, Chrome, or iPad.

Sending Quizzes To Gradebook

Before giving the test

Follow these important steps to populate grades from a quiz into gradebook column.

Make sure the quiz is associated with a Grade Item. Without this pairing, the scores will have no tie to the gradebook, therefore only showing a graded quiz within the quiz tool.

Before distributing a quiz to a class edit the quiz and make the following changes under the assessment tab

    1. Connect the quiz to a gradebook column. Either choose a gradebook column that has been previously created or make a new grade column.
    2. Check the box that says "Auto Export to Grades." As long as there is a grade item associated with the quiz, this function will automatically populate the grades into the gradebook.

Troubleshooting: After giving the test - grades are not appearing in the gradebook.

If a quiz has been distributed and scored before associating a grade item to it the quiz score will not show in the gradebook. In order to make the grades appear they will need to be republished.

    1. Go to the quiz tool and select Grade from the dropdown menu next to the name of the quiz. This will take you to the quiz Grade manager area.
      1. First click the blue publish icon to unselect the published grade boxes. Hit save (not Save and Close) to save the changes.
      2. Now reselect all the students grade attempt boxes by clicking the blue publish icon again. Click Save and Close. This should force all the grades in the quiz to be sent to the gradebook as long as a grade item has been attached to the quizIn the Grade manager of a quiz, students scores and attempts are displayed. Locate the Published column on the right side of the page. The top of this grade column has a button with three blue boxes on it. We will be clicking this button to unpublish and replublish student grades.
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