Troubleshooting DIscussion Boards

Discussion Board/Thread Edit and Reply Buttons Stop Working

Sometimes bad code is copied into discussion board postings stopping edit and reply buttons from working. If this happened to your discussion board follow the steps below to try to clean out the code.

  1. Go to the affected course
  2. Go to Edit Course>Discussion>Access Faulty Discussion Topic
  3. Switch to Grid View
  4. Manually check each and every students post by accessing them one by one
  5. For example, Consider accessing one students post, Click on it
  6. Go to Edit Post, In the Edit Post page under post(HTML Editor) go to The HTML Source editor(</>)
  7. Look for <div> tags, If present remove them by leaving only the <p> tags with the content and click save
  8. If not present then go to another students post and follow steps from 6-7 until you find the faulty post

Note:The biggest challenge finding the problematic post is that you will have to manually check all the posts. If there are many posts then call the FITC, 904-8189. We may need to place a ticket with D2L to access the database and correct the issue.

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