Turnitin: Originality Check, GradeMark, and PeerMark Tools


Turnitin has three tools; the Originality checker, the GradeMark tool, and the PeerMark tool. The Originality and GradeMark tools can be accessed via a D2L dropbox but the PeerMark tool cannot. If you need access to the PeerMark tool contact the Faculty Instructional Technology Center, 615-904-8189.

The Originality checker identifies content sources in student papers. The GradeMark tool allows the instructor to quickly add comments directly to student papers. The PeerMark tool allows students to work on peer review activities.


Enable the Turnitin Originality Checker in a D2L Dropbox

  1. Place in a check in the box that Enables the Originality CheckerActivate the TurnItIn Originality Checker
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to Show originality checking options. Click the box that Allows submitters to see the report and accept the defaults unless you have a reason to change them.
    Set Advanced Originality Checked Options

Grammar Check

  • The grammar check settings enables instructors to easily locate grammatical errors in a student's submission. Instructors can turn on certain grammatical categories by default. The default setting will automatically check and highlight errors in the student's submissions.
    • If you wish not to enable this feature on the document, make sure to keep the Grammar Check Settings box unchecked.

 grammar check settings


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