MTSU Supports FileZilla for FTP. See links below to view directions for using FileZilla with specific servers. 


  • If you have questions about using MTSU's VPN call the MTSU Help desk, 615-898-5345.
  • If you have questions about uploading files to the servers listed below and linking to the files after they have been uploaded contact the MTSU Faculty Instructional Technology Center, 615-904-8189, itdacad@mtsu.edu.


Note! If you want to FTP into a campus computer from home you will need to connect to MTSU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) first. > View VPN Information

Download FileZilla

Caution Note about Downloading FileZilla - The latest FileZilla comes bundled with adware. There are two ways to bypass this:

PC Only download

  1. Use the zip download of the application without the installer. Use this link - FileZilla Download.  You need to extract the zip file and the software is ready to use.
  2. Use Ninite to install filezilla. This will install filezilla without any adware. Download and extract Ninite and run it to install FileZilla.

All Platform Download

Directions for Transferring Files to and From Specific MTSU Servers

Locate the server you wish to work with and download the corresponding directions for setting up FileZilla server settings and linking to files uploaded to your accounts. If you have questions call the Faculty Instructional Technology Center.

Capone Server


MTweb Server


MTweb Server - Shared Course Repository


MTmedia Server

Tutorials and Tips are still being moved to this site from previous locations on MTSU servers.

Scan this QR code to call the FITC

If you do not see what you need please call 615-904-8189 or scan this QR code.