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All MTSU websites that are not using the LCMS will eventually be housed on this server rather than on MTSU’s UNIX server or the frank server. Previously, an article appeared in the Communicator introducing MTSU faculty and staff to our new MTmedia server. These servers have two different purposes. MTweb will house websites and MTmedia will house large video and audio files. These two servers can be used together to create a website. The web pages, images, and smaller media files will be housed on MTweb and the large video and audio files will be housed on MTmedia and linked to from the web pages on MTweb. MTSU faculty and staff may use any program they would like to create websites on the MTweb server. The use of Expression web and Dreamweaver are supported by the Faculty Instructional Technology Center but any program can be used and the resulting files can be copied to the server via a Network folder.

How to request web space on this server?

To Request an account on MTweb contact the Faculty Instructional Technology Center, 615-904-8189 or

Usernames and Passwords

Each person who has been given access to an account on the MTweb server will login with their personal fsa username and password in the following format.

username: fsa\username
Note: The username configuration has “fsa\” in front of it.
(This is the username you use to access your MTSU computer)

password: type in your fsa password 
(The password you use to access your MTSU computer)


  • DO NOT SHARE THIS PASSWORD!! This is the password you use to log into your MTSU computer and other systems at MTSU. Each person who has access to an account will use their own fsa username and password to log in. 
  • Access to websites is given to specific individuals. One individual can use the same username and password to access all accounts that are assigned to him/her on the MTweb server. 
  • Multiple users can be given access to one account via their personal fsa logins.

Download the MTSU Dynamic Web Template

Using Dynamic Web Templates to create the visual look and layout for your site saves time. If the template is applied to all pages in the site and the site owner decides to modify the template all pages attached to that template are also updated. Multiple templates can be used on a website. An Expression web compatible MTSU template and a Dreamweaver compatible template have been developed by one of MTSU’s web designers and is downloadable via the links below.


Faculty and staff may have the need to collect user data for research, course projects, conferences, and many other uses using forms. ITD supports the following methods of collecting data on MTweb and UNIX campus servers.

  • FormMail – sends form results to email (can create directly on the MTweb server.
  • FormMail modified script that sends to a CVS file (currently runs on our unix server – working to write in
  • Google form to CSV file – easily create a Google form that can be embedded into one of your web pages.
  • PHPRunner pages send form results to a database.

Password Protecting Websites

Entire websites and specific folders in websites can be password protected contact the Faculty Instructional Technology Center, 904-8189 or to request this feature.

Tracking Users

Tutorials and Tips are still being moved to this site from previous locations on MTSU servers.

Scan this QR code to call the FITC

If you do not see what you need please call 615-904-8189 or scan this QR code.