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Learn to Use Microsoft Office and Other Microsoft Programs.

Accessibility and Microsoft Office

Microsoft Educator Community

The Microsoft Educator Community is a central destination where you’ll have access to over 1.5 million educators around the world, a fresh selection of professional development courses and resources, thousands of inspiring lesson plans, and access to live lessons and virtual field trips.

The new community site is a combined experience of the Microsoft Educator Network and Skype in the Classroom. Some additional changes with the new site are:

  • A more visual, clear, and friendly design based on educator feedback
  • Simple navigation to easily find useful information
  • Interactive training (ranging from basic to advanced) with more badges
  • Access to guest speakers, virtual field trips, and more educators globally
  • Ability to easily create, consume, and share lessons, discussions, and more
  • A single location to find information and resources on technology use in the classroom
Tutorials and Tips are still being moved to this site from previous locations on MTSU servers.

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