Submission View Problem

An instructor called because she had set a quiz submission view to show only questions that were answered incorrectly but her students were seeing all quiz questions.

Why this happened: The quiz had 60 questions and the instructor wanted the exam to be worth 100 points. She set each question to be worth 1.67 points for a total of 100.2 points. She then created a grade column worth 100 points and did not set the column to exceed 100 points. This caused D2L to do the math to make each question worth 1.66 in the final grade in the gradebook. 

Truncating the question points would not have been a problem if the instructor did not want to allow students to only see the questions they answered incorrectly. Since each quiz question was now only worth 1.666 points and a question needed to be worth 1.67 points to be counted as correct, all questions in submission view would be counted as incorrect whether the student actually answered the question correctly. 


  • Change the settings of the grade column to all the points to exceed 100 points. 
  • Click the Edit Values button in the quiz properties tab and set it back to 1.67 points, replacing the 1.666 question value that D2L set. 
  • Go to the Grade view of the exam and click the Published button to uncheck the published check boxes.
    • The exam grades are published to the gradebook when the checkboxes are checked. Click the Published button to unpublish the grades.  
      Published button before click to unpublish grades
    • The checkboxes uncheck after you click the blue publish button. 
       Publish button after clickec to unpublish the grades
    • Click the Save button to save the unpublished state. 
      Click the Save button to save the unpublished state.
    • Click the Publish grade button again to republish the grades. The check boxes reappear. 
      Click the Published button to republish grades
    • Click the Save button to save the republished state. 
      Click the Save button to save the republished state.



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