Emerging Leaders Academy

Partnership between Oakland Middle School and the FJE

A  prevention program designed to offer mentoring and positive outlets to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade males who have yet to recognize their own leadership potential. The goal is to provide an opportunity for students to observe leadership, which will set them up for academic, professional, and personal success.


Week 1-Leadership- Mentor matching
Week 2-Effective Communication
Week 3-Integrity
Week 4-Accountability
Week 5-Decision Making
Week 6 - ELA Panel Discussion at Oakland Middle School
Spring 2024 
Week 1 - Mentoring Session
Week 2 - Mentoring Session
Week 3 - Mentoring Session
Week 4 - Mentoring Session
Week 5 - Mentoring Session
Week 6 - Mentoring Session
MTSU Trip, April 12th 

Spring 2024 ELA Mentor Dinner 

mentors     dinner

dinner      dinner

Spring 2024 ELA Oakland Middle Field Trip

ela basketball     ela basketball

Shauntia Cook      6th grade

6th grade      8th grade

Stevens      ELA Dean




Fall 2023 ELA Panel Discussion/Luncheon

ELA panel group   ELA panel

ELA Panel

Spring 2023 Pilot Group

Group lic     group 2


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