Distinguished Creative Activity Award

Start Date - August 15th, 2019
Deadline - March 15th, 2020
Current Status - OPEN

Each year the faculty members at Middle Tennessee State University nominate their peers for the Distinguished Creative Activity Award. This award recognizes creative achievement defined as "original, imaginative works of artistic merit as distinguished from empirical/analytical works of scholarly research."  This award also carries a monetary honorarium from the Middle Tennessee State University Foundation.

For the purpose of this award, "creative achievement" is defined as original, imaginative works of artistic merit generally associated with the fine or performing arts. This award is NOT designed to recognize a single major work, but recognizes consistent and sustained contributions to the arts.

All full-time, non-temporary faculty members, except those who have been recipients within the previous five years (see below list), are eligible for nomination. No one is eligible for more than one Foundation Award in any given year.

To be eligible for the award, the activity should meet the following criteria.

  • Originality. The work should be an original product or performance of artistic inventiveness.
  • Recognition. The work must be recognized as a significant artistic contribution.
  • Time frame. The creative activity must have been performed while an employee of MTSU and either worked upon or completed within the last five years.

Nomination Procedure

The official nomination form must be completed and included. Nominations must be submitted by two faculty members within the discipline or closely allied fields. Please note that each faculty member may recommend no more than one nominee for the year. The nomination form for FRCAC Creative Activity Award can be obtained by clicking here.

With reference to the stated criteria and in consultation with members of the academic discipline, the following materials are requested for consideration:

  1. Nomination Form - filled electronically and signed - Click here
  2. The form provides space for a short statement from the sponsors where they would summarize the nominee's creative contributions.  The completed forms should be sent as a single-PDF to frcac@mtsu.edu
  3. THE NOMINATION FORM SHOULD BE ELECTRONICALLY TYPED BEFORE SIGNING.  Incomplete and hand-written forms will not be accepted.
  4. The FRCAC administration will inform the nominee within 4 days after receiving the properly filled nomination form. Once the nominee accepts the nomination, the sponsors will be notified for further action.
    1. The sponsors must arrange for a minimum of 2 reference letters be sent directly to frcac@mtsu.edu before the deadline.  Please note that FRCAC will not solicit the referees for letters of support.  
    2. The support letters must be typed on official letter head and scanned to PDF format.  The reference letters must emailed to frcac@mtsu.edu
    3. Restrictions on who can be a reference for the nominee - the references must be non-MTSU individuals who are familiar with the nominee's research but must not have worked with the nominee on the creative activity for which the nomination has been made.
  5. The sponsors or the nominee must submit the following minimum requirements for the FRCAC committee to judge their candidacy:
    1. Nominee's Vitae- PDF preferred. 
    2. No more than three representative pieces of work (video, written materials, scores, etc.) - email frcac@mtsu.edu to know how to send the pieces of work for review. 
    3. Documents and other types of media suitable for online sharing will be circulated among FRCAC through a shared-drive.  Other materials that are not compatible for online sharing will be stored in the Office of Research for committee review.  
    4. A bio of the nominee - click here for samples.
    5. The nominee is required to schedule an appointment with the University's photographic services to take a professional picture. Please do not submit your photograph to FRCAC.

The materials presented will be reviewed by FRCAC and the winner(s) will be determined by the committee.  In addition, the committee may request additional information or a personal interview if FRCAC is unable to make a determination. The recipient(s) will be announced at the Annual Fall Faculty Meeting.

All nominations MUST be electronically submitted via email attachment to frcac@mtsu.edu.  Paper copies and hand-written forms WILL NOT BE REVIEWED.  

All nomination documents, including reference letters, must be received by the deadline listed above.

The deadline for receiving all supporting documents in support of a nominee is March 15, 2020.

Recipients of the FRCAC Distinguished Creative Activities Award 

Year Recipient(s)
2018-2019 Mr. Tom Neff (Media Arts)
2017-2018 NONE
2016-2017 Mr. Charles "Odie" Blackmon (Recording Industry)
2015-2016 Dr. Gaylord Brewer (English)
2014-2015 NONE
2013 - 2014 Dr. Janis Brickey (Human Sciences)
2012-2013 Dr. Robert Wood (Recording Industry)
2011-2012 Dr. Claudia Barnett (English)
Dr. Raymond Thomas (Music)
2010-2011 Dr. Don Aliquo (School of Music)
2008-2009 Dr. Paul Osterfield (Music)

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