Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Schedule

Orientation, Thursday, September 14th
Orientation is a time for women participating in recruitment to learn more details about the recruitment process. Presentation topics will include attire, schedule, mutual selection process, and the new member program.
Attire: Casual

Round 1, Philanthropy, Friday, September 15th
During the first round of recruitment, you will attend events at each of the six sororities. These events are 30 minutes in length and you will have the opportunity to meet several women from each chapter. You will also learn about each sorority’s national and local philanthropies.
Attire: Casual, such as Capri pants, dress pants, casual dress, or skirt.

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Round 2, Sisterhood/Values, Saturday, September 16th
During round two, you will have the opportunity to attend a maximum of four events. Each event will be 45 minutes in length. Sororities will put on a short video or commercial in an effort to showcase the chapter’s personality and values. This is a time when it is important to ask any questions you might have about each particular sorority.
Attire: This night is dressier than the previous night. You would want to wear something that you would wear to a wedding. Sundresses are a good example.

Round 3, Preference, Sunday, September 17th 
Preference night is a time when potential members will have the opportunity to attend a maximum of two events. Each event will last one hour. Preference night is serious in nature and is a time when members explain the values of their organization. This is a time for you to consider which sorority meets what you value and where you’ll be happiest.
Attire: Dressy, cocktail attire

Bid Day, Monday, September 18th 
This is the day you will receive an invitation (bid) to the sorority you were matched to through the mutual selection process. You will then travel with your sorority to their welcoming event.
Attire: Casual bottoms. You will be given a bid shirt after bids are distributed.

photo of students

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