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 In the General Education English Office, we see syllabi as living, rhetorical documents in which instructors establish their course's tone and policies that will lead to student success. We encourage instructors to be mindful of their audience as they construct their syllabi. Each syllabus should include a daily schedule of readings/activities as well as short descriptions of major projects. Syllabus copies will be kept on file for accreditation purposes. Finally, the General Education English Committee conducts a syllabus review each Fall Semester, where instructors will be able to receive feedback on their syllabi and see what other faculty members are doing in their courses. This feedback ranges from local concerns like including certain things on the syllabus to global concerns like how an instructor's ethos or teaching persona is portrayed.

In order to help provide some guidance and modeling for syllabus construction, we have asked some seasoned department instructors to provide copies of their course documents. Because the General Education English Office values what individual instructors bring to their own courses, we provide these models as sparks of pedagogical imagination, not necessarily as documents that should be reproduced wholesale.

Faculty members (including GTAs) also have the opportunity to create their own course for ENGL 2020: Themes in Literature and Culture. If you are interested in this, please consult the resources, including the course proposal form, found on the "Sophomore Level Literature at MTSU" page.

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