Important Information for Undergraduate Students

In order to increase the likelihood of academic success and timely graduation, the following apply to all Geosciences majors:

  • Meet with your Geosciences advisor (Dr. Irina Novozhilova, KUC 322) and your Geosciences faculty mentor prior to your assigned registration time for each upcoming semester!This especially applies to new majors. If you need a Geosciences faculty mentor or do not know who your Geosciences faculty mentor is, see Karen Wolfe in KOM 325B.

  • Check the Forms and Schedules Page for updated Upper Division Forms, a Schedule of Classes by Semester, Course Prerequisites, etc.

  • When planning your courses, make sure you complete the required prerequisites before the semesters in which you plan to take the courses. A link to all Geoscience course prerequisites is below.

  • After completing 60 semester hours of all college-level course work, file the appropriate Upper Division Form and Intent to Graduation Form with the dean's office. Any geosciences major who has completed more than 60 semester hours and not filed an Upper Division Form will have a hold placed on his/her registration account. (Note: This rule also applies to transfer students.)

  • Take the Geosciences Exit Exam in Spring Semester of the calendar year you plan to graduate. Exit exam dates and times are posted throughout the Department and on the department web page in early Spring Semester. The exit exam is mandatory. All graduating students must take the exit exam.

  • If planning to apply to graduate school, take the Graduate Record Exam during Fall Semester of your senior year and have all letters of recommendation materials (both paper and electronic) to your faculty references prior to the end of Fall Semester exams.

  • If applying for jobs or internships, inform your faculty references of the companies to which you are applying. Make sure that you include the correct faculty contact information.

  • All students should frequently check their MTSU email address accounts for messages from Geosciences faculty and staff, or from other MTSU departments. The Department of Geosciences does not have access to non-MTSU student email addresses. FERPA and MTSU policies state that faculty may only communicate with students regarding academic matters using the MTSU designated student accounts.

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