The 2023 Geosciences Colloquia will be held in the fall semester. All begin at 6:15 pm in DSB 203.

  • August 30th - Introductions, course syllabus, format, and proceedures
  • September 6th - Dr. Mark Abolins - MTSU
  • September 13th - Brie Paladino - National Drought Mitigation Center
  • September 20nd - TBA
  • September 27th - Dr. Charlotte Garing - University of Georgia
  • October 4th - Thomas Seever - MTSU
  • October 11th - Matthew Rhoades
  • October 18th - No class - Fall Break
  • October 25th - Dr. Dalmo Vieira - USDA ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory
  • November 1st - Dr. Brittany Price - MTSU
  • November 8th - Dr. Hannah Pankratz - NASA
  • November 15th - Josh Upham - Director of Murfreesboro Stormwater
  • November 22nd - Shane McFarland, Mayor of the City of Murfreesboro
  • November 29th - No class - Thanksgiving
  • December 6th - Justin Baily - Town of Smyrna
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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Abolins in Snail Shell Cave with student.

Click the image above to see a larger version.

Dr. Mark Abolins teaches a course about earthquakes and folded and fractured rocks (Geol 4080/5080 Structural Geology), a Field Methods in Geology course (Geol 3050), and an on-line course about caves (Geol 3040 Geoscience of Caves).  His research foci include (a) the development of caves within folded and fractured rocks, (b) the geology of continental interiors, and (c) the accuracy of geologic maps.  In the computer sphere, he uses geographic information system (GIS) software and Midland Valley MOVE structural geology software in teaching and research.  He has incorporated state-of-the-art local and global LiDAR (light detection and ranging) elevation datasets into his work.